Call to reduce speed limit near “Harry Potter viaduct”

Community leaders from a west Highland village are calling on Transport Scotland to reduce a 60mph speed limit outside of a short stretch of road near two world-famous tourist attractions on safety grounds.

Tens of thousands of tourists come to Glenfinnan each year via the A830 to see the iconic viaduct which featured in the Harry Potter films, as well as the monument which honours fallen Jacobite clansmen.

Because the Glenfinnan monument does not have its own car park, visitors must walk along and cross the A830 – which has a 60mph limit – to gain access. Local children must also wait at the side of the road for their school bus pick-up.

Constituency MSP Kate Forbes has added her voice to calls from Glenfinnan Community Council, who wish to see a reduction on safety grounds.

The Lochaber MSP said: “Glenfinnan is a very busy place at the height of the tourist season. Most park their car and then cross the busy A830 to get to the monument.

“It concerns me that cars can drive round the corner just before Glenfinnan at high speeds, only to slam on the breaks when they see people at the side of the road waiting to cross.

“The vast majority of drivers and tourists are sensible, but I do welcome Transport Scotland’s commitment to review the signage and the speed limit at the spot.”

Duncan Gibson, chair of Glenfinnan Community Council, added: “There is a crossing from the National Trust for Scotland centre to the famous Glenfinnan monument.

“The road here is still a 60mph road and it is dangerous for visitors to cross.

“It is also dangerous for local children to cross this 60mph stretch to get to the school bus in the morning.

“The Glenfinnan Community Council has fought many years to get the speed limit dropped to 30mph but without any success.”

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