Constituency MSP presses for urgent repairs at Black Isle high school

The constituency MSP for the Black Isle has written to Highland Council urging them to make a series of urgent repairs to Fortrose Academy.

Over the past few months, the school’s Parent Council have been pressing for an upgrade and posted several concerning photos on social media showing the building to be in a desperate state.

Kate Forbes MSP has now written to the local council with five specific action points for improvement – the windows in the Modern Languages and Guidance departments, the hall floor, the asbestos in the canteen roof, damp and mould in the girls’ shower block as well as in the admin office.

Kate Forbes MSP said: “I have received continued correspondence from worried constituents, who are rightly concerned about the welfare of their children attending the school.

“Highland Council have been given five specific action points which I believe require urgent attention.

“I have been told that some of the female pupils refuse to use the showers because the damp and mould are so awful.

“It is bad enough for their own pupils, but the facilities are also used by visiting teams playing Fortrose Academy in sporting competitions.

“When some of these other school teams proudly boast brand new facilities fit for the 21st century, they must wonder what on earth they have come to when they see the changing rooms in Fortrose.”

The MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch continued: “Recently one of my staff had cause to visit the school, and they honestly could not believe the state of the hall floor.

“Their comment, based on it being so lopsided and even, was that the hall floor would not be out of place at Alton Towers, because there are so many unexpected dips.

“If a visitor had no advance warning, a short walk from one side of the hall to another would present a clear tripping hazard.

“I am astounded that this is still being used daily by hundreds of pupils.”

Kate Forbes MSP will be visiting pupils at Fortrose Academy on Friday 3 March, and will also be meeting with the Parent Council that evening.

It is understood that a longer-term series of works could be discussed at the council’s Education, Care and Adult Services (ECAS) Committee on 1 March.

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