Highland MSP: ‘Tory intransigence boosting support for independence’

A Highland MSP has said that “Tory intransigence” in the aftermath of Brexit has boosted support for Scottish independence.

Speaking after a new poll showed that 50 per cent of Scots would vote Yes in another independence referendum – a rise of two percentage points from six months ago, Kate Forbes MSP believes that Prime Minister Theresa May “has ignored Scotland’s interests” after initially pledging that the UK was a union of equals. 

The MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch added that if the UK Government continued to be “utterly dismissive” of Scotland, she could only see support for independence rising.

Kate Forbes MSP said: “It’s pretty obvious why support for independence has grown over the last few months: Tory intransigence.

“The Prime Minister once said that the United Kingdom was a union of equals – but she has ignored Scotland’s interests and failed to engage properly.

“This isn’t just about membership of the EU, this is about the ever-growing democratic deficit as negotiations are led by a Prime Minister who we didn’t vote for in Scotland, for an outcome that we didn’t vote for in Scotland, and in a manner that even ‘Leave’ voters didn’t necessarily vote for in Scotland.

“Whether you voted leave or remain in Scotland, it’s evident that the London Tories are determined to negotiate a deal that is utterly dismissive of our interests in Scotland.

“If the Tories keep going down this road, I can only see support for independence rising.”

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