Highlanders encouraged to take part in ‘big garden birdwatch’

Prolific tweeter and Highland MSP Kate Forbes is encouraging Highlanders to participate in this year’s RSPB ‘big garden birdwatch’.

From Saturday 25 to Monday 27 January an estimated 30,000 people across Scotland will spend an hour watching birds and other wildlife in their garden, or local green space, and record what they see.

Participants can download a recording sheet from the RSPB website and the results will help the organisation get an accurate picture of local nature.

Kate Forbes, MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch said: “In the Highlands, we are particularly blessed to be surrounded by amazing wildlife.

“I suspect that most people are a bit like me – running around too fast to actually stop and appreciate our surroundings.

“That is why I’m taking part in RSPB’s birdwatch, to pause for a moment and value the many species all around us.”

Keith Morton, RSPB Scotland senior species policy officer, said: “Wildlife is drawn to our gardens, especially in winter, where it can find shelter, and often food and water.

“Taking part in big garden birdwatch helps us build a picture of how birds are doing across the country, and you get to be part of a huge nationwide effort that has now been going on for 41 years.

“Everyone and anyone can take part. It’s very easy, you don’t need expert knowledge and, whether it’s your first year or your forty-first year, I guarantee you will enjoy it. And you can do it not just in your own garden, but in a local park or similar outdoor space.

“We are always amazed just how many people take part in Scotland each year, providing us with huge amounts of information, and proving just how much they care about our fantastic wildlife.

“Every effort is worthwhile, every birdwatcher counts!”

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