Kate Forbes MSP puts smart knowledge to the test

Kate Forbes MSP had her finger on the button at Holyrood last month as part of an interactive ‘smart energy gameshow’ organised by campaigners for the smart meter rollout.

All MSPs were invited to take part in the Smart Energy GB gameshow – competing against fellow politicians to test their knowledge about the benefits of smart meters.

Over 800,000 households in Scotland now have a smart meter and households who have yet to upgrade are being urged to seek an installation from their energy supplier.

Kate Forbes MSP said: “I really enjoyed taking part in the game show. It was a fun and interactive way to learn about smart meters.

“From making cups of tea, to charging electric cars, smart meters bring a range of benefits to residents all across the country and have an important role to play in bringing down our impact on the climate.

“I would encourage anyone who hasn’t got a smart meter to look at getting an upgrade booked with their electricity supplier, which you can do for no additional cost.”

Iagan MacNeil, Smart Energy GB Scotland added: “It’s been great to talk to MSPs about the smarter energy system that is being created at the moment. 

“The smart meter rollout is making really good progress in Scotland and the benefits of a modern, greener energy system are already beginning to be seen.

“We want every household in Scotland to feel more in control of their energy usage and spend with a smart meter, so request your upgrade today.”

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