Kate Forbes MSP urges Highlanders to participate in Government survey on rip-off delivery fees

Kate Forbes MSP is urging Highlanders to take part in a new Scottish Government survey on rip-off delivery fees seeking to identify hotspots in more remote and rural areas. 

Although only the UK Government has the power to regulate parcel deliveries, the Scottish Government has been trying to bring about positive change north of the border to stop unjustified and misleading charges.

Results from the survey will lead to the development of a Scottish Parcel Delivery Map – which will pinpoint the worst areas affected by rip-off delivery fees.

According to research last year from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe), those living in Ms Forbes’ Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch constituency – which also includes Dingwall, the Black Isle and the Great Glen – pay an estimated £3.8m more in delivery charges each year – and the figure for the entire Highlands and Islands is a whopping £33.4m.

Kate Forbes MSP said: “Customers in the Highlands disproportionately rely on deliveries, and so are worst affected by unfairly high prices.

“So many businesses advertise free or low-priced delivery, only for them to exclude the Highlands and Islands at the checkout.

“I know people who’ve been charged more for delivery than the product has cost in the first place.

“Whilst the Scottish Government does not have powers to regulate this, good on them for launching this consultation and providing support.

“I would encourage anybody to share their stories on this platform.”

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