Kate Forbes MSP visits Beauly Primary School

Kate Forbes MSP dropped into Beauly Primary School last week to speak about her role as an MSP. 

She met with the primary seven class who recently completed a project on the Scottish Parliament.

As well as explaining how Holyrood works, the MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch took questions from the floor and subjects included Brexit and whether MSPs from different parties really got on outside of the debating chamber.

Kate Forbes MSP said: “I love visiting primary schools, and I am often surprised by how knowledgeable the children are about politics.

“I talk about the parliament, democracy and the nature of my job.

“It is very important that young people grow up with a sense of responsibility to take part.”

The constituency MSP for Beauly continued: “One of my favourite questions came from a P7 boy who asked what I thought about Brexit.

“I answered the question honestly, and then he asked what I would say in front of a news camera.

“My second answer was completely different to the first answer and the class had a good laugh at that.”

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