Kate Forbes MSP welcomes American broadcaster’s u-turn as Skye named in top places to visit in the world

The constituency MSP for the Isle of Skye has welcomed a u-turn from American broadcaster CNN after it named the island as one of the top places in the world for tourists to visit – a year after telling people to avoid it.

Last year CNN claimed Skye was experiencing a “tourism backlash” and put it on a list of 12 places to avoid for last summer – which prompted Kate Forbes MSP to invite the broadcaster to come and visit.

It appears that advice has been heeded, as last week CNN published an article with Skye featuring in the top 19 global destinations for 2019 – a list which includes the Grand Canyon, New York City and the West Indies.

Kate Forbes MSP said: “This is a welcome u-turn by CNN.

“When the American news outlet first published a story recommending tourists did not visit Skye, I was utterly dismayed.

“For all the challenges that we face in remote and rural parts of the Highlands, the economy is fragile and small changes can have big impacts.

“Tourism is a vital driver of growth, creating jobs, generating income and keeping people local.

“Yes, there have been frustrations – but these are isolated to certain areas – and it would be catastrophic if tourists were told not to come.

“I am pleased that CNN has changed its tune.”

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