Scottish Government delivers over 5,000 affordable Highland homes since 2007

Kate Forbes MSP has welcomed new figures from the Scottish Government that show that over 5,000 affordable homes have been delivered in the Highlands since 2007.

As part of the #MoreHomesScotland campaign on social media, it was noted that 5,419 affordable houses in the north have been delivered under the SNP government – including 3,159 for social rent.

It is hoped that providing more affordable homes will help to create a fairer Scotland and improve communities through inclusive growth.

Kate Forbes MSP said: “Affordable housing is one of the most pressing needs in the Highlands. That is partly due to the lack of housebuilding over a decade ago, and why it is so important that the Government stepped in to build affordable homes.

“These impressive figures are all about real families and real homes here in the Highlands that might not have been here were it not for these affordable homes.

“Ultimately, a safe, warm and affordable home is the cornerstone of any society and we cannot combat depopulation if there are not enough houses.

“There is still work to be done, which is why the Scottish Government has a current target of 50,000 affordable homes by 2021, but it is great to see so much progress in the Highlands in the last decade.”

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