Transport Scotland to explore traffic options for Dalwhinnie

Transport Scotland will explore potential options to improve road safety in Dalwhinnie following a meeting earlier this week organised by Kate Forbes MSP.

Attended by representatives from the community, Transport Scotland, BEAR Scotland and Police Scotland, locals voiced their concern about the number of vehicles speeding through the village.

Having conducted a recent speed survey which showed an average speed of “high 30s” in the 40mph limit, Transport Scotland said it is unlikely that there will be change at the southern end of the village. However, officials committed to looking at the limit near the railway bridge at the north end as well as consider ideas for improving road safety throughout Dalwhinnie.

Kate Forbes MSP said: “The village of Dalwhinnie is the gateway to the Cairngorms, and welcomes thousands of visitors every year.

“The local residents have a vision for the community, but would like to see better management of vehicles’ speed through the village.

“The road that runs through the village is the old A9 and so vehicles could be tempted to travel more quickly than they would through other villages.

“After representatives raised this with me, I invited Transport Scotland to come to Dalwhinnie and meet with the community.

“I’m delighted that the police, Bear and Transport Scotland were all represented in the meeting with the community and we had a frank conversation about options for the village.

“Transport Scotland and Bear have committed to returning with additional information.”

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